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XploraBox learning through play!



Hello parents,

Do your kids enjoying what they learn,…. do they learning with fun?? Bring fun to learning process with  ” XploraBox ” the best place for your little one, to play, to learn and it actually brings a good family time… yes a family time… now parents or even grandparents can spend a quality time with them. these days we find parents are so occupied with their daily busy lifestyle, now this will help them to give some time for family…

XploreBox have so much to learn for our little one along with play, now kids can improve they skills like

  1. Creative skills,
  2. Academic skills,
  3. Motor skills,
  4. Analytical skills.

Now, this is really wonderful as our kids will learn to be creative, and they will focus on these activities more than gadgets.


it’s for the age group of 

2-4, 4-6, 6-8, 8+


I have picked 2 activities for my kid here

  • Carousel
  • My Pulley System



Now you can watch your kid making the Carousel and even enjoying with learning  with this Kid-Friendly-Kit

Motor skills –   Play & Social Skills –  Creative & Exploring Skills 

 Things required

  1. stands – 4
  2. big circular discs – 2
  3.  small circular discs – 2
  4. cap – 1
  5. threads – 4
  6. bolt & nuts – 1
  7.  foam disc – 1
  8. horse – 4

For further steps do get one for your kid …


My Pulley System 

Now you can find a little scientist at your home to the concept of machines through this innovative activity.

Motor Skills – Play & Social Skills – Creative & exploring – Academic Skills – CognitiveSkills 

Things required

  1. wooden cutouts
  2. wooden discs – 2
  3. base – 1
  4. bucket – 1
  5. rope small – 1
  6. pot – 1
  7. pebble- 1
  8. rod – 1
  9. rings – 2
  10. double sided stick disc – 1

To know more get one for your little one.

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  1. Shraddha says:

    Very nice and healthy idea it is, rather than keeping our children busy with spoiling electric gadgets, it’s great to engage them with innovative activities like this…. Thank you

    1. tysm 🙂

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