Sweets:- we all are sweet lovers and we Indians need just a reason or occasion or even a festival to prepare sweets at our houses… here are my some hand-picked recipes from simizkitchen, learned from my mom’s kitchen and I would love to share it with you all… 

                                                               Day one challenge of  #Barathon 2018 

                               and my challenge is on exploring about cooking in my kitchen 


      1. Besan ladoo: –

Besan ladoo is a ball-shaped sweet from India and is prepared all over India and is made for most festivals and celebrations…
Who doesn’t like besan ladooZ???
I can eat any part of my day… Yummy
Sometimes todasaaa sweet acha hota hai

                                                           Miss you mom can never beat ur taste 

Ingredients: –
1.   2 cups besan
2.  1½ cups powdered sugar
3.  1 cup of ghee
4. ½ tbsp eliche powder
5. Dry fruits.

Method: –
1. Take a pan heat ghee,

2. Then add dry fruits and fry them for a while

3. Then add besan keep the flame in low heat & keep mixing constantly to avoid lumps,

4. when it releases appetizing smell, it is ready,

5. Remove from the heat and allow it to cool,

6. Now add the powdered sugar & eliche powder and mix well,

7. Now make a ping pong size of balls from the mixture to give a ladoo shape

                                                         And finally, enjoy eating


                                2.Kaskas hesarbele ( moongdal) payasa

Moong dal:-  is a high source of nutrients & various B vitamins.. & are also good for summer…
Jaggery: – is loaded with great antioxidants & minerals which help prevent free- radical damage & also boost resistance against infections… this is a north karnataka recipie 

Ingredients: –
Kaskas ( poppy seeds) 3tbsp
Moongdal 1 bowl
Jaggery 1 bowl
Cardamom ½ tbsp
Ghee 2tbsp
Dry fruits
Milk & water

Method: –
1. Pressure cooker 4-5 whistle the dal with little water mixed with milk. 
2. Now remove the dal in cooking pan & add jaggery & cardamom powder & mix well & add water if needed 
3. Meanwhile take a pan to add ghee, dry fruits, & kaskas & keep mixing till golden brown once done add this to cooking dal & keep mixing… Cook till the jaggery gets melted completely… 
4. Serve hot with milk & ghee…


                                                3. Beetroot Halwa : –

We all prepare carrot, suji, Dudi & many more halwas… Now let’s try beetroot halwa which gives more taste than others… Beetroot is high in immune-boosting, vitamin-c & fiber… It’s also good for bones, liver, & kidney.. It even includes lowering blood pressure, preventing constipation & improves sleep too… It even helps in producing blood 
Sometimes little meeTa with so much health benefits is ok I guess 


Ingredients: –

  1. Beetroot – 2
  2. Water & milk – very little
  3. Sugar – ½ bowl
  4. Sugar –  ½ bowl
  5. Cardamom – ½tbsp
  6. Ghee – 2tbsp
  7. Milkmaid –  1tbsp
  8. Dry fruits chopped & fried in ghee

Method: –
1. Pressure cook the beetroot with milk mixed with water 1 whistle
2. Take a pan to add ghee and add cooked beetroot & cook little in ghee 
3. Now add sugar, cardamom & mix well
4. Now add milkmaid
5. Cook for 5mnts
6. Add dry fruits
                                                               Serve hot or chilled ( optional)



                Super excited to participate in the Third Edition Of  Bar – A – Thon 

hosted by  Blog-A-Rythm

                                                                                          #Barathon 2018




hello, simi here thank you for visiting my simizworld... will try to give my best :)

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    1. tysm

  1. I am notorious in my family for trying our halwa from everything I lay my hands on . From Apple to Ghea, pumpkin to papaya I have tried to all. Beetroot is going to be next for sure

    1. sure do try tysm 🙂

  2. I have tried making besan laddus but it doesn’t come out so well. I will try this recipe also since it is my favourite sweet

    1. even i like sweets 🙂 sure

  3. Interesting and yummy recipes. Will give a try.

    1. tysm:)

  4. Besan laddooo takes me back to childhood memories. Love your pictures and recipe !

    1. tysm amna 🙂

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