What Makes ‘Khaar’ Different From Any Other Movie on Gandhi?

What Makes ‘Khaar’ Different From Any Other Movie on Gandhi?

We Indians owe our independence to none other than Mahatma Gandhi, who relentlessly fought for the freedom of our nation. The patriotism that Mahatma Gandhi and many other freedom fighters displayed, made way for India’s freedom from the long British rule. Our knowledge of the incredible actions of Gandhiji comes from textbooks and movies. Movies, especially, have told his story multiple times over the years. Listed below are some of the most prominent movies based on Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhi (1982)


The movie ‘Gandhi’ is an acclaimed biographical drama revolving around the overall life of Gandhiji, who stood firm against the British rule. The movie focuses on how Gandhi, a lawyer returns to British India from South Africa and begins a nationwide campaign of non-violent resistance against the British rule. The movie faithfully covers his struggle for independence which he started in his youth to his untimely assassination, with incredible faithfulness.


The Making Of The Mahatma (1996)

The movie, ‘The Making of the Mahatma’ focuses on the events when Gandhiji, a London trained barrister experiences racism and fights for the rights of Asian labourer prior to taking up the fight for India’s independence. Rajit Kapur as young Gandhiji gives a powerful performance that makes us resonate with his ideology of non-violence.

Hey Ram (2000)

The movie ‘Hey Ram’ is a fictional drama, revolving around Saketh Ram, a disillusioned man who tries to kill Gandhi. Through a protagonist fueled with hatred, this Kamal Hassan starrer uses the semi-fictional plot to talk about religion, extremism and most importantly, the power and relevance of the Gandhian principles.


But while these movies talked about Gandhiji’s impact on the freedom struggle and his fight against the British administration, some aspects were often missed. One such aspect is the internal conflicts of Gandhiji.

Khaar (2018)


A short film that was recently released online by ZEE5, Khaar is about the time when Gandhiji was alone in his fight for freedom. It talks about a time when people around him were unsure about his approach to the freedom struggle. How he overcomes those differences and goes on to set an example for India and the world is what one sees in Khaar.


Often in the history books and other media sources, the large events tend to overshadow conflicts that were smaller in scale but not in intensity. By putting the lens on the internal battle that Gandhiji took up with his peers, Khaar presents a unique perspective that was not seen in past movies on Gandhiji. This short film is like a quick yet engaging glimpse into the past that can serve as food for thought, for people from our generation.


Hence, I would highly recommend you to check out Khaar for its novel perspective showcased into an iconic incident revolving around Gandhiji. Not only would you be hooked to the story but also gain immense respect for Gandhiji as a leader and an individual.




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