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Way to healthy hair by applying Heena (Mehendi) & with some tip’s

We all love the long and strong hair, don’t you?  these days we are surrounded by so much pollution of air, water etc… let’s get a natural way of hair care and make our hair strong by Heena.


The benefits of applying mehendi:-

  1. Prevents hair fall
  2. Natural hair dye
  3. Natural hair care
  4. Repairs split ends
  5. Adds volume to your hair
  6. gives natural shine & softness
  7. Controls itchiness
  8. prevents dandruff



How to mix henna for long-lasting color

  1. Take a bowl of Mehendi whichever you use
  2.  Add 2tblsp of coffee powder
  3.  Add 2tbslp of tea powder
  4.  Add 4 to 5 tbsp of curd
  5.  Add 1tbsp of lemon juice or even more
  6.  Add 2tbsp of fenugreek(methi) seeds
  7.  Now add little-little water to make a fine paste
  8. Soak overnight
  9.  Apply next day and leave it for 2hours
  10.  And wash it with plain water don’t use any shampoo
  11.  The same night apply oil and leave it for overnight or apply the next day 2hours and wash it by doing this your henna will last for a long time.
  12.  You can even add beetroot juice for good color (optional)

Quick hand tip:- as winters are to save our self from the cold you can add 2-3 lavang (cloves) while soaking the Mehendi…




Hey, do check out this new Mehendi in market ” JAINAM NATURAL HERBAL HENNA” vegetable mix with coffee… this is the henna made with all natural ingredients which are safe and skin friendly too…


MRP – 200 After discount 140

Address – Jainam Tower, NDG Complex,

Pan Bazaar, Near Durgad Bail Circle, Hubli.

CONTACT – 8105706677 / 0836-4256677







Hey, ladies if you want to try out this product than do contact the above number.




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  1. Came across of several heena brands, but this description, your explanation, and recommendations makes us to go through this product. I am definitely going to try this….. Thanks for recommending this one ❤

    1. tysm 🙂

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