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( Popular Essential Bullet Wada Kolam Rice) 


let us see our ingredients I have used to prepare Biriyani in a simple way :-

Rice – 2cups ( wada kolam rice)

dry fruits – ( of ur choice) fried in ghee

salt – to taste

tej pata – 2 small

cardamom – 3

1 black cardamom

3 cloves

1-inch cinnamon

water – cooking  and soaking

oil – for cooking

shah zeera – 1tbsp

turmeric – 1tbsp

food color – 2pinch

rose water  – 2tbsp

vegetables –

carrot 3

peas half cup

tomatoes 4

green chilly 5

beans chopped 1small cup

garlic 1 big full chopped

onion 2

ginger – 1tbsp grated

cauliflower – washed & boiled half cup

mint – for cooking & garnishing

coriander – for garnishing

potato – 1big chopped

bell pepper – 1big chopped

lemon – half tsp

how to prepare rice:-

1 to prepare rice – soak rice for 30 mints and cook rice with 2steps

1- I have used the pressure cooker  to cook rice: -add the soaked rice 1cup  with 2cups of water & tej pata, 2 cloves & shaha zeera half tbsp for 3 whistles

2 – cook 1 more cup rice with 2cups of water by adding the food color & keep both the cooked rice aside


 how to prepare Biriyani gravy and complete rice recipe:- 

steps –

1 – take 3 tomatoes and make the puree and keep aside

2 –  take a  big deep bottomed pan to add ghee or oil optional

3- now add cardamom, 1 tej pata, black cardamom, shaha zeera, cinnamon, garlic, ginger & green chilly and fry for sometime

4- now add chopped vegetables given above or of your choice to add & even one chopped tomato & fry till all the vegs get well fried in oil

6 – now add the tomato puree & lemon & cook for some time

7- now add salt, turmeric, and mix well

8-add  rosewater & mix

9 – now add half cup water and cook till all the vegetables are cooked well & even -till the gravy gets thick

10- once you find your gravy is thick enough its time to make the layers

steps for layers:- depends on you as many layers you want

1- now keep the flame low once you’re done with preparing the gravy

2- add cooked white rice  1st layer add chopped coriander & mint leaves

3- now add on that 2nd layer cooked color rice & again add chopped coriander & mint leaves

4- my last 3rd layer is again the cooked white rice and the chopped coriander & mint leaves

5-  now cook this for 15mints on a low flame

6- now take a fork and try mixing everything once done

7- serve hot with pickle &  raita of your choice…


( Popular Essential Bullet Wada Kolam Rice) 

  • Superior Quality
  • Hygenic packing
  • Consistency in quality throughout the year
  • With higher nutrition and enhanced taste   

behind the pack we get to see the cooking tips isn’t it helping hand

1-  covered pan-pressure cooker:- add 1cup rice to 2 & half cups of water, boil it in a heavy vessel with cover tight lid

2- Electric rice cooker:- cook rice and water in the ratio 1:2 for 20minutes

3- Microwave:- place a cup of rice to 2cups of water in a microwavable container. cook on medium high for 15minutes. let stand for 5minutes before serving. ( fluff without a fork).

✅ Matured, fluffy and long grains

✅ Pearly whiteness

✅ The lingering aroma that spreads while you cook

✅ Sweet taste

✅ Promise of purity


CONTENT:- Premium Rice ( Neither preservatives nor colors added)

Storage instruction: Always store  Rice in a cool & dry place and away from direct sunlight

I have picked

Net weight: 5kg

M.R.P : Rs. 415/-

Packing date: 12-07-2018

Best before 6months from the date of packing

Packed & Marketed By:- Popular Traders

No4/11 S.G. Complex, APMC Yard

Yeswanthpur, Banglore- 560022

Our helpline ( CustomerCare)  number :- 9980008400, 9663488400

You can Email us on-





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