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Top ZEE Marathi Shows That I Love To Watch

As a homemaker, I don’t think we have enough content to see nowadays. After spending countless hours on our daily household chores, all we ask for is some interesting tv serials that are good enough to make us forget all our problems just for the time being. But what we get instead are TV serials infused with family feuds which we have been watching since the inventions of TV. But this was way before ZEE TV came into the picture. They offer some good collection of TV shows, especially,

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko but more on that later. ZEE TV has been making some good quality content which is mostly targeted toward people like you and me, the homemakers. So, I took some time out to watch some of their best offerings and made a list of TV shows that deserve your time. Side Note – If you can’t watch them on TV, then you can do so on their official ZEE5 app, anytime and anywhere for free. So, here is my list of best TV shows from ZEE Marathi.

  1. Lagira Zhala Jee:- The story revolves around an Army man who is dedicated to serving his country. I would call Lagira Zhala Jee as a show with some moral grounds and would recommend to anyone who is looking to spend some time watching quality content. It is currently screening on ZEE TV from Monday to Saturday at 7 pm.
  2. Pasant Ahe Mulgi:- Okay, let me start by saying it is very addictive. Pasant Ahe Mulgi revolves around Vasu, a boy with an orthodox mind, who has a strong belief in the horoscope. He falls for Urmi who follows an open-minded lifestyle. These clash in ideologies come together to form a nice unusual love story. It is currently airing on ZEE Marathi from Monday to Saturday at 8 pm.
  3. Tula Pahate Re:- This one’s a romantic tale of two different people belonging to two different worlds falling for each other, despite the difference in age and mindset. Kudos to the director for beautifully capturing the emotional moments. It is a refreshing story that you can watch from Monday to Saturday at 8.30 pm. Yup, right after Pasant Ahe Mulgi.
  4. Mazhya Navryachi Bayko – It is a very motivational show, especially for woman entrepreneurs who work hard to create a name and image for themselves in today’s society. Tackling issues like infidelity and women empowerment, the serial shows how women can overcome all the bad phases of life and prove once and for all what a woman can do if she makes up her mind. The characterization of the lead characters in the show is too good and are portrayed very well in the serial. Hence, among all the shows mentioned here, I would certainly call Mazhya Navryachi Bayko as my favorite show.

Did I miss any? Let me know in the comment section and don’t forget to binge watch all these shows on ZEE5.


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  1. SHRADDHA says:

    Watching without miss…. Nice serial even I do watch repeat telecast…. Same serial in ZEE KANNADA ” subba Lakshmi samsara “

    1. ty its nice.

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