Women Centric

“The wisdom of being me is the power of being woman”


everyone asks her to fly high and slowly cut her wings..everyone asks her to be happy but steal her smile… Is really a woman happy from the heart, is she really respected or does her liking and disliking matter?? Great words women means compromise, women means sacrifice… No doubt women are strong and they will always be… But this society is forcing her to be strong… When she speaks openly about her life & her way of living, but still she is left unheard. Along with tag of your women adjust… The strange world even women don’t understand women at times within the frame of society…
The day really women and her thoughts are respected & accepted by her family & society I guess that day women will be crowned for “The wisdom of being me is the power of being a woman”
But still, let’s be proud of being a woman beautiful inside outside… We need respect as we respect all..make ur women ur daughter, sister, wife, grandma’s, Aunty’s all feel special coz they are really special…
Make this a habit  by respecting her for what she is.. Then we can make every day a special day for 

women 😊

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  1. It all started from heart of a beautiful woman, she felt it in heart, feelings transformed through words by her mind, then they spread over in the form of letters….. Beautiful way of expressing…. Loved the write up. Very nice keep going for more…..

    1. tysm 🙂 for lovely feedback

  2. Bharati says:

    Very beautiful

    1. tysm dear 🙂

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