The story of Megha & Sai Leela!


The devotee’s who reads regularly sai satcharitra, has definitely come across the devotee Megha who was a staunch devotee of Lord shiv…now let us see in his later life how he came across  “ SAIBABA “ and later how he was honored in Sai darbar.




A shiv devotee from Viramgaon was a simple & illiterate person who belonged to the Brahmin family and was working as a cook in Rao Bahadur H.V.Sathe house… Megha was not aware of any mantras and all, he always kept chanting “OM NAMAH SHIVAY”…

Rao Bahadur was the devotee of Saibaba and he also wanted Megha to follow Saibaba and also wanted Megha to know that Saibaba was the embodied of Lord Shiv…Rao, however, managed to send Megha to Shirdi. But at the Broach Railway station, he came to  know that Saibaba was a Muslim & his simple and orthodox mind was much perturbed at the prospect of bowing down to a Muslim… so he requested his master not to send him there..but still, his master insisted him to go to Shirdi and see Saibaba.


Finally, Megha reached Shirdi with a letter to Ganesh Damodar to introduced him to Saibaba and later when he reached Shirdi he was welcomed by Saibaba  “ kick out this rascal” you are high caste brahmin & I am low Muslim, you will leave ur caste by coming here… just get away.

By this Megha was totally stunned as he was wondering how Saibaba came to know all this as this …  and he was ashamed about his behavior fell at Sai’s feet and asked Saibaba to forgive him. Merciful Sai forgave him and later he was blessed in Saibaba darbar.

Now let us see the Megas devotion and Sai Leela

On one Makar Sankranti day Megha wanted to besmear the body of Saibaba with Chandan ( sandal-paste) and give Baba the “ Ganga sanan “ but at first, Saibaba was not agreeing for this as he was telling that I am an old “ Fakir” and this was not wanted … but Megha was a devotee of Shiv and he always saw lord Shiv in Saibaba so he was even aware of that lord Shiv is always pleased by

 “ Abhishakam”

Megha did not give up and finally he succeeded to convince Baba for Abhishake and Megha have to, to travel 8klm going & coming to the Ganga water all the way to Gomati river … but his love for Saibaba was above all this. Once Megha was done with all his preparations he went to Saibaba and asked him to be ready for the mangal sanana.

The moment Baba came there Megha asked Saibaba to take his seat on the wooden board and than Saibaba said  Oh Megha do me one favor, the head is the most important organ of the body, so pour the water over that only – it is equivalent to the whole bath… Alright said Megha and lifting the water pot up began to pour the water all over and he was so much overwhelmed with love he cried out,  “ Har Har Gange “ and emptied his pot and kept it aside & began to look at Baba, but to his surprise and amazement he found that only Baba’s head was drenched with water while the whole body was quite dry…now this is called


Now let us see how our beloved Sadguru Saibaba blessed his love & devotion towards Lord Shiv

Megha worshipped Sai at two places one in Masjid as a person and the other one was Wada, Baba’s big picture give by Nanasaheb Chandorkar. And this he did nearly for 12  months… the merciful baba wanted to appreciate his devotion and confirm his faith Baba gave him a vision one morning when Megha was still lying down on his bed with eyes closed but internally awake he saw clearly Baba’s form. Baba knowing him to be awake threw akshata & said Megha draw a “ Trident” and disappeared. Suddenly when Megha woke up saw no Baba there but only akshata fell on the bed and when he went to Baba he told about the vision and asked permission to draw the Trident? than Saibaba said that it was not the vision but direct order, My words are always pregnant with meaning and never hollow. Megha said, “I thought you woke me up as all the doors were closed so I was doubtful and thought it would be a vision.” Baba rejoined


When Megha returned to Wada and drew a red Trident on the wall near Baba’s photo next day morning a Ramadasi bhakta came from Poona, saluted Baba and offered Him Pindi ( a falic image of Shiva). At this time Megha also turned up there. Baba said to Him, “ see, Shankar has come, protect Him now!” this was like Baba rewarded him for His true devotion.

After continuous service of Baba for many years, doing regular worship and arati every noon and evening Megha passed away in 1912. Then Baba passed His hands over his mortal remains and said,” this was a true devotee of Mine” Baba also ordered that at His own expense the funeral dinner should be given to the Brahmins, and this order was carried out by Kakasaheb Dixit.













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