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Sthri :- the soulful women , the power, the fire… no , no how can she be a fire when her heart melts easily… what a wonderful creation of almighty , the shakthi (power) , the power to give a new life the womb of the women gives the new life on the earth..

we see her playing a different roles in her daily to daily life.. a daughter, sister, mother, mother-in-law, a friend,  aunty, grandmother … she try’s giving her 100% in all the roles she plays or all the responsibility’s she takes up in the relationship role she plays ..



Women:- everyone asks her to fly high and slowly cut her wings.. everyone asks her to be happy but steal her smile.. Is really a women happy from heart, is she really respected or does her liking and disliking matter?? Great words women means comprise , women means sacrifice.. No doubt women are strong and they will always be… But this society is forced her to be strong… When she speaks openly about her life and her way of living but still she is left unheard.. Along with the tag of   you are a women adjust…never mind but still she is full strong and brings smiles on her face and gets ready to take up every situation is front of her 🙂 that’s the spirit of a WOMEN ..


Mother :-  a god blessed relationship sometimes we don’t find word to describe this word mother,  the one who gives birth to a life and the period of 9months she carry’s a life in her womb is blessed indeed..  during this phase of 9months we find her coming through many things .. her mood keeps swinging … some things make her happy and somethings really make her fall ill… all that she need at this period of time is love and more extra care and  most of the time a mother giving birth to a baby wants to be loved in the same way..


A smile when her all new born baby is in her hands.. the warm hug she gives at that moment is one of the best memory she frames in her heart all through her life… even thousand’s of word fail to describe this well captured memory  … every step of her growing child is special for her , as she puts all her efforts to take care of the small new born … what a lovely relationship so much beauty inside.. she smiles with her baby’s smile, and tears rolls out even when she over loves or pampers her baby…   “A SALUTE TO A MOTHER”



Mothers love is priceless , a love which is unconditional , the love she gives without any expectations , the sleepless nights , the sacrifices she makes just to comfort her kids needs is appreciable.. no matter how old we go we always need a mother, to love, care, and protect and guide in proper ways at times … all that we can say to our mother is                                                          

                                “WE LOVE YOU MAA ALWAYS”  



The WOMEN strength :-the strength of women Is not ruling the world or even being the head of the family… its just a simple thing , the strength of women is in being strong and  being her self and keep going on… and  in any situation  she handles her self so well that sometimes she don’t need anyone to comfort her with sympathy  or any  care filled word as she knows she can and she will… that is called  ” BEING WOMEN”


GIRL :-  hundreds of dreams in her eyes, thousands of questions running on her mind most of the time on confused silent mode… sweetness in her cute little smile…. sometimes sadness on her face , most of the time love to be pampered by her self, and loved and pampered by others too… this stage of life where she start learning from her mom, sisters, and friends.. And  this stage of life is beautiful known as teen too.. the charm on her  face and also she wants to look the best and beautiful… a step towards her coming future and her liberated thoughts wants her to be set free and to concur the whole world in her arms… what a beautiful feeling of being a young and motivated  “GIRL” 



She Needs Wings :- all that a women needs is a wings to fly high up in sky,  to set her free and  to let her achieve her dreams and make them come true… wings are not just letting her  fly free, but wings is here to support her , becoming her strength ,boasting her thoughts … with little love , care and support she can give her best and prove she is not less in anything… if she wishes she can reach the moon…


Women is Wisdom :-  When the word wisdom comes on mind its simple we think about  knowledge or learning.. a women can share all the knowledge she has  and she shares with you as a mother, teacher, or even a friend…she is ready to give all that she knows and even at same time she is ready to learn things about she is unaware ..



Independent Women:- I think these days  we find most of the women are self made, they are independent with they thoughts, independent with lifestyle which they choose to live,  and follow.. in-between what is needed here is family support which can make her reach her goals ..  




Feel so proud when we see a independent women taking up responsibility of her family, taking care of her parents, young once is such a great feeling, which proves that she is not less in anything… let her pick her own job what she wants to do, or what she wants to be… all that motivates her is her passion towards her job…


Being independent women is an example for all other ladies that even they can take up responsibility and show the world yes even i can do it and yes i did it…  and she proves to be a mother and father at the same time 🙂

                                                                         ” HATS OF TO SUCH WOMEN”



Marriage:-  a new relationship,  a new start, entering a new world where she have to leave back everything behind, her parents, relatives, brothers, sisters , her house where she has spent all her childhood … growing every step since she is  born, and up till her wedding… all  that she can carry with her are the beautiful memories.. 



Do we find it easy to leave behind everything and be a part of new family, its so difficult to learn new traditions of the family and accept the new family..she gives all her love and care to the family she spends all her life in looking after her husband, kids , in-laws… adjust with the new thoughts and give all her 100% for the family… is this not wonderful??




Shades of Women :-  what are these shades of women ?? 

Shades of women is the feeling of being a complete women with all that she have , with all that she puts her efforts in being her self 🙂 the smile behind every tears , a happiness behind every sadness …  just being her self is the complete feeling of being a women or shades of women…




Beauty of a women :- the beauty of a women is not in her looks,  colour, or not the clothes she wears or her expensive jewelers.. its in her simplicity .


The beauty of a women is not even in the style she carry’s, or the way she walks or talks, its in her smile, its in her eyes..



The beauty of a women is being a Mother , a motherhood has beauty in itself..  its in her love care and blessing she gives for her kids..


Look at the beautiful smiles when all women are together now this is called beauty , when they are happy everything seems beautiful 🙂




The beauty of women is in you , in your mind in your heart, in the thoughts of being complete you and the confidence  you carry in your pocket and when your perfect don’t think much just smile and say that’s fine i can manage ♥


Hey lovely women your perfect , don’t stress much as you have the power of being you so just go on do it , over come it, love your self , sometimes try pampering your self and do what you feel is right and make all your wishes come true… now this can be said the true





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