south Indian special idliz can i help you in preparing white and soft idliz? than come join me on my blog :)





Everyone wishes to prepare soft and white idlis, now ill help you in my kitchen in preparing some soft, soft idlis 




        Day 3: Three’s a Crowd  #Barathon 2018 

                                       and my challenge is on exploring about cooking in my kitchen 

Ingredients: – ( for white & soft idlis)

1. Rice – ( idli rice) 4cups
2. Urad dal – 1cup ( white lentil) & poha ( flattened rice) very little
3. Cooked rice – ( leftover rice can be used) little
4. Oil
5. Salt & cooking soda




Method: –
1. Take a big bowl  to add rice & dal
2. Wash them at least 4 to 5 times till u get transparent water
3. Now add flattened rice & cooked rice mix them well
4. Add sufficient of water
5. Soak it nearly for 5-6 hours
6. Make a soft idli batter & rest it for 5hrs
7. Now add salt to taste & cooking soda 3 pinch
8. Brush the idli plate with oil & add batter
9. Steam it for 9-10 minutes
10. Serve hot with chutneys & sambar







These are mini idlis, you get mini idlis stand at any steel shops or even in supermarkets or online.











Now, these are called tatte idlis, in English can be called as plate idlis… even u can get this in steel shops,supermarkets, or online.







instant Rawa idli:-


1.idli rawa – as per your need I used 2cups (small)

2.buttermilk – as per your need to make idli batter but bit thick

3. carrot – 2 grated

4. dry fruits – chopped

5.salt – to taste

6.soda – 3pinch

7. mustard – 1tblsp

8. zeera – 1tbsp

9. oil – as per need to prepare

10. channa dal – 2tbsp

11. curry leaves 10-15 chopped

12. coriander


  1. dry roast the rawa
  2. take a pan to add oil
  3. now add mustard seeds, zeera, chana dal, curry leaves
  4. fry for sometime
  5. now add this to the roasted rawa
  6.  add little, little buttermilk 
  7. mix all well till you get good rawa idli thick batter
  8. now add salt and soda
  9. take an idli stand, brush little oil
  10. add the batter to the idli plate
  11. and add the topping with carrot, dry fruits, and coriander ( optional)
  12. steam it for 10mts
  13. once done serve it hot with chutney, sagu or sambar…


 Super excited to participate in the Third Edition Of  Bar – A – Thon 

hosted by  Blog-A-Rythm

                                                                                 #Barathon 2018


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