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Punya  Bhumi SHIRDI:-  The holy place of a saint ( Sadguru)  known as ” SHIRDI SAIBABA”Shirdi a small village in those days in the State of Maharashtra, kopargaon taluk India. it was an unknown place in those days before sai came to stay there.. but from the day Baba started staying at Shirdi, the name of this place came to light… people from all the states started visiting Shirdi for the darshan of beloved SAIBABA. 

can say it was just not the darshan, but peoples prayers were answered here, peoples incurable disease got cured just with the pleasant dharshan of SAIBABA…



Let’s start our dharshan 1st at “PANCHAMUKHI VISHNU GANAPATHI TEMPLE”  this temple was built according to the order of SAIBABA to “Sai kendra trust Hyderabad… once the devotee was sitting in dwarkamai at Shirdi and sitting there he got a sudden nap and in between, he got the dream and order from SAIBABA to build this temple. As this VISHNU GANAPATHI  is the protector of Shirdi as maha Vishnuganapathi.. as SAIBABA’S order was people coming to SHIRDI should 1st visit this temple and take darshan and then they can move forward .. the distance for this temple is 9minutes from samadhi mandhir… one can take an auto or bus to reach this temple.

After the blessed dharshan of vishnuganapathi temple, our 2nd visit at Shirdi is “ DWARKAMAI”  the devotees should first come here for the darshan before going to SAMADHI MANDIR…

                                                                                           Dwarkamai: –

A word which has ‘mai’ a mother in it…

SAIBABA  spent 60 years of his life at Dwarkamai serving mankind, teaching good deeds, cured incurable diseases…

Words of Sai to dwarkamai

  1. This is shri Krishnas dwarka, whoever rests on her lap will get rid of his problems & bad deeds.
  2. Those who resort to this Masjid shall never suffer anything in life to the end of the time…

Before Sai coming to dwarkamai it was a broken Masjid, but after sai came there it turned into beautiful dwarkamai

( Masjid).

Dwarkamai was open to all, everyone was free to go there, all irrespective of caste & religion were treated the same.


Dwarkamai is the holy place, it is the throne for the goddess of light-adorned it, & it is a favor done by God of fire indeed by this dhuni, which baba lighted & still is burning at Dwarkamai Shirdi.














CHAVADI:- after the dharshan of DWARKAMAI  one gets the way to chavadi, Chavadi was also given more importance those days and even now. SAIBABA started sleeping in Chavadi from 1909.  SAIBABA would come with great honor with beautiful bhajans… BABA would sleep alternate days at DWARKAMAI AND CHAVADI.

SAIBABA PALKE:-  to follow the tradition of chavadi procession we can see these days SAIBABA’S palke every Thursday … the procession starts from samadhi mandir , and reaches DWARKAMAI, after a small aarti, the palke is taken for next aarti at CHAVADI.



                        we can find SAIBABA’S PADHOKAS , and SATKA, and an image in palke ..

                                                                                 SAIBABA PALKE

As we all know bhagadth mahalsapathi, you can visit his house to see the Padokhas given by SAIBABA to him.. they are even used nowadays to take different cities for dharshan…


After the dharshan of chavadi one can take the dharshan of Abdul babas cottage opposite of chavadi.


Now let’s move to the beautiful darshan of ”  SAMADHI MANDIR ” were SAIBABA’S holy body is resting… where every devotee wants to have the beautiful darshan of the ideal ( murthi )  and wait to touch the blessed SAMADHI of our beloved SAIBABA..  this is the door where all your prayers are answered and one gets sadghathi.                                                                          SHIRDI SAIBABA SAMADHI



The best part of samadhi mandir is every single person coming to samadhi mandir is given 1 ladooprasad packet and one udhi packet…


This is the beautiful “RATH”   this rath is taken on procession on different occasions.

Wonderful are the leelas of our sadguru Saibaba.. and even more wonderful are his 11 promises to his devotees which He had promised when he was physical and kept his words even now after his Maha Samadhi …

1. Whoever puts his feet on Shirdi soil, his sufferings would come to an end.
2. The wretched and miserable would rise into plenty of joy and happiness as soon as they climb steps of my Samadhi.
3. I shall be ever active even from the tomb.
4. My tomb shall bless and speak to the needs of my devotees.
5. Show unto Me who sought refuge and been turned away.
6. Though I am no more in flesh and blood, I shall ever protect my devotees.
7. In whatever faith men worship Me, even so, do I render to them?
8. Not in vain in my promise that I shall open, ask and you shall be granted.
9. Knock, and the door shall open, ask and you shall be granted.
10. Know that My spirit is immortal, know this for yourself.
11. Blessed is he who has become one with Me…

After the divine darshan of Samadhi Mandir once we exit from there we get to see ” THE GURUSTHAN AND NEEM TREE ”  this Gurusthan is the samadhi place of SAIBABA “Guru”,  SAIBABA was first seen as a young lad of about 16 years under this neem tree…

For the remembrance of SAIBABA’S first visit at Shirdi, under the neem tree… Bhai krishnaji Alibagkar got ready the Padukas and installed them under the Neem tree on an auspicious day of Shravan, saka (1912 a.d) with due ceremonies and formalities…

                                     GURUSTHAN IS ALSO CALLED AS ” GURU PADUKA  STHAN”


MUSEUM:-  a bit forward from Gurusthan to the right one gets the visit to the Musume one can have the glance of life of Shirdi Saibaba and his belonging…

                                                                                         OM SAIRAM

After the museum visit you collect udhi packet and move towards “DONATION HALL”  you can get the guidance of donation in the hall its self, for the different categories of donations…

After the donation hall, one gets the way to ” PARAYAN HALL ” devotees who wish to read “SAI SATCHARITRA ” can read and you can find all type of languages of    ” SAI SATCHARITRA “


After that one can take darshan of lord  ” DATATHARAYA ”  and even ” NANDADEEP”  and in the same premises of samadhi mandir you can find the samadhi of SAIBABA’S close devotees … and you can even see the ” LANDIBAG”… you can also get darshan of



Once you’re  out of SAMADHI MANDIR, let’s  move toward KHANDOBA temple,  yes this the place where SAIBABA was seen for the second time and was addressed  ” AAO SAI ” by “BHAGAD MAHALSAPATHI ” ever since this fakir came to the name as ” SHIRDI SAIBABA “


Now can we move towards SAI PRASAD NILAYA?  yes, one of the Indias biggest mega kitchens is my “SAIBABA’S PRASAD NILAYA” where thousands of people can have meals at a time with very little cost.. and hot, hot too… blessed were the people who had the prasad cooked and served by SAIBABA..  to follow the same tradition we can see the Shirdi Sansthan has built this huge “SAIBABA’S PRASAD nilaya”   we can have and be blessed…

                                                                       Accommodation of Shirdi Sansthan:-


                                            SAI ASHRAM- PART 1 – 1000ROOMS AND PART 2- 500 phase-1


   DWARAWATI (  NEAR TO BUS STAND ) (200rooms & 80 VIP rooms)

                            NEW BHAKTA NIVAS ( 1KM FROM SAMADHI MANDIR) (500rooms)





“Let’s do some SHOPPING” one of my favorite at SHIRDI is just gazing at the shops and stalls everywhere, just ” SAI-SAI” in big-big images or in murthis… or small pics with prasad packet, or in lockets…


what shall I pick every little image of SAIBABA is so blissful, every little murthi I wish I can get it to my home 🙂  you can even get dry prasad packets at these stores …

Don’t forget to pick the stuff from these stores as your Shirdi visit would be incomplete … you can get these shops opposite to Dwarkamai.

    To the nearby Dwarkamai, you can find the houses of some devotees…


                                            This is the well, water used by SAIBABA for his Dwarkamai

We all even know about Lakshmi bai, to whom SAIBABA  had given 9rs as dakshina, you even find them at her house near her granddaughter,  and even the purse from which SAIBABA used to give money to all and  SAIBABA used to call it as ” KUBER KA BATAWA”.




     1. AT 4.15 AM, BHUPALI

     2. AT 4.30 AM, KAKAD AARTI

     3.  AT 5 AM, MANGAL SNAN



  4. AT 10.30 PM, SHEJ AARTI

Once the shej aarti is done the temple closes for the day … let me also take  some rest now and complete my journey guiding one and all with ” SHIRDI SAIBABA VISIT”  


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Bharthi reddy, Vastav adhicary  , and Prasad Jain

( from Shirdi)… this work would not be completed without your help…


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