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Sankashti chaturthi pooja & recipe of modhak prasad

SaiGanesh, an auspicious day to do the pooja of Lord Ganesh, as we all know Lord Ganesh is worshipped as Prathama poojya… the god worshipped first during any poojas… 


Here is a simple way to do the pooja of Ganesh Ji…

1- if you have a photo or an idol ( murti) of Ganesh Ji you wash and do its pooja with kumkum, Chandan, haldhi.

2-  lord Ganesh Ji found of red color you can worship with red kumkum & red flowers, if possible you can worship with 21 red flowers.

3- it is very auspicious to worship with fresh green grass for Ganapathi Ji, you can keep 5,11 or 21.

4- akshate (raw-rice) count of 21 you can make a wish and put on the murthi

   5- you can do arthi with dhop & deepa ( light a lamp).

6- as shown in the image you can make the mala of cotton applied kumkum mixed with water count of 21.

7- one of the well-known Modhak prasad for Lord Ganesh Ji here you go

Modhak: –
A traditional sweet Prasad made for bhog to Lord Shri Ganesh. 
Maida: – 1bowl
Milk: — to make the dough
Hot oil: – 3tblsp
In a bowl add Maida, add hot oil, keep adding little milk to make a smooth dough.. Rest for ½hr.
Stuffing: –
Fresh coconut: -1full grated 
Jaggery: – 1½bowl
Ghee – 3tblsp
Poppy seeds: – 1tbsp
Cardamom powder: – 1tbsp
Method: –
Take a pan melt jaggery by adding very little water. 
Now add coconut, cardamom, poppy seeds & ghee mix well cook it for 3-4mnts
And let it cool.. 
Now make small balls of Maida as much as pain puri size & stuff it with cooked coconut & jaggery & give it a modhak shape… 
( hand tip: – you can even make a big chapathi with dough & take a small bowl of pani puri size which can help u make it quick) 
In a meanwhile take a big pan to add oil for deep frying once the oil is heated add the modhaks one by one & deep fry on medium heat till golden brown as shown in the pic. Once done remove it on a tissue paper & store it for 2-3 days in an airtight box..


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  1. Wow such an awesome way you had shared both things pooja method and modak recipe. loved it.

    1. Tysm:) surbhi

  2. Ganesh Chaturthi is nearing and modaks are a must. How beautifully you have shared the pooja procedure and prasad receipe. Lovely! #MondayMotivation

    1. Tysm dear

  3. Thanks for the lovely recipe.. I am giving it a try soon #MondayMotivation

    1. great tysm

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