pea’s pumkin ki sabji :)



                                                                                              Peas Pumpkin ki sabji:- 


pumpkin – 1 bowl chopped

peas – half bowl

green chili – 3

onion – 1chopped

curry leaves – 5

coriander – for garnish

lemon – 1tbsp

garlic – 1 small full chopped

salt – to taste

turmeric – half tblsp

red chili powder – 2tbsp ( as per your need to)

pav-bhaji masala – half tblsp

oil – 3tbsp

zeera – half tbsp

mustard – half tbsp

sugar – half tblsp ( optional )

hing – 2pinch

water – for cooking


1- take a pan to add oil, let it heat

2- now add curry leaves  zeera-mustard

3- now add garlic-chili fry till garlic gets golden brown

4- add onion, peas & pumpkin ( fry till pumpkin gets soft)

5- now add salt, turmeric, chili-powder, masala-powder & mix well

6- add water & lemon  and let it cook for  5 to 10mnts

7- once done add hing & garnish with coriander

8- serve hot roti …


Health benefits of Peas:-  do you know peas contains lots of protein, fiber, and micronutrients… Peas’ high fiber and protein slow down how fast sugars are digested. and it also prevents heart- disease, Prevents- constipation, it also gives healthy bones, Reduces bad cholesterol…


Health benefits of pumpkin:- helps your skin look young and gives the natural glow, it lowers the cancer risk, it also helps in diabetes.






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  4. Simi, thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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