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Hello food lovers, here I welcome you on my blog for North Karnataka Festival Thali… we have many festivals special at our  Cuisine of Karnataka , but I have picked some well-known recipes to present you on my blog… so let us start with sweet dish…



 Godihugi (  wheat-payasam)


polished wheat – 2cups

jaggery – 2 small cup ( as per your taste also)

cardamom powder – half tbsp

desiccated coconut – 5tblsp

poppy seeds – 3tbsp

water – for cooking

dry fruits – chopped and fried in ghee

milk – for serving


  1. Soak overnight the polished wheat in hot water
  2. Next day before preparing pressure cook it for 5-6 whistles
  3. Now take a big cooking pan to add  the cooked wheat in it and add water for cooking & mix well
  4. Once it starts cooking now add the jaggery & cook till jaggery gets well mixed and gets melted

A caution plz do keep mixing every 3mnts to avoid wheat to get burnt 

     5. once you find the jaggery is melted now add the cardamom powder and mix well

6. In meanwhile when the sweet is cooking, take a pan dry roast the dry coconut & the poppy seeds mildly for few seconds

8. Now add the coconut & poppy seeds and mix well

9. Garnish with fried dry fruits

10. serve hot with milk & ghee.

2nd recipe:-

Brinjal sabji:-


Brinjal – 5-6 long chopped

onion – 2full long chopped ( 1 for grinding – 1 for frying )

green chilly – 5-6

garlic – 1 full small

ginger – half tbsp

salt – to taste

jaggery – 1tbsp small

mustard –  half tbsp

jeera – 2tbsp

tamarind – half tblsp

turmeric – half tbsp

garam-masala powder – 1tbsp

hing – 3pinch

curry leaves – 5

coriander – for garnish

coriander seeds – half tbsp

fresh coconut – 5tbslp & for garnish

oil – 4tbsp

gureulu powder ( Karal) – 1tbsp

water for cooking


  1. Take a pan to add oil, once heated add the garlic, ginger, jeera, coriander seeds and mix well
  2. Now add green chilly, onion and keep mixing & than add coconut and off the flame
  3. Now take a jar and add the cooked masala and grind it up to 85%
  4. Take a pan to add oil once heated add jeera, mustared and chopped onion & Brinjal
  5. Fry till the Brinjal gets 80% cooked
  6. Now add the grinded paste, salt, jaggery & tamarind pulp & mix well by adding water
  7. now add the gureulu powder ( Karal) – 1tbsp & masala powder & mix and cook till the  Brinjal are well cooked
  8. serve hot with hot chapati & dal rice to.

3rd recipe:-

Onion baji:-


besan – 1bowl

chopped onion – 2

coriander – chopped

green chilly paste – half tbsp

salt – to taste

sugar – 6pinch

water – for mixing

soda – 2pinch

jeera powder – 1tbsp

methi powder – 3pinch

oil – for deep frying


  1. Take a bowl to add basen and add water & mix well till all the lumps are gone
  2. Now add the chopped onions, chilly paste, coriander, salt, sugar, soda,  jeera & methi powder & mix well
  3. Take a pan to add oil for frying
  4. Once oil heated add the mixed baji mix fry till golden brown
  5. Once done remove to a tissue paper.
  6. Serve hot

4th recipe:-




moongdal- 1cup soaked for 1hr

chopped onion – 1 long’

fresh coconut – 1 bowl

coriander – half bowl

salt – to taste

lemon – half tbsp ( optional)

Tadka:- take a pan to add half tbsp oil, mustard seeds half tblsp , dry red chilly 2 and 2pinch hing.


  1. Take a bowl to add the soaked moong dal, chopped onion, coriander & fresh coconut
  2. Mix all well and add salt, and lemon & add the tadka
  3.  Serve with a sweet dish, rice or chapati to…












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