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My inspirational chef Vikas Khanna in short his achievements & my fav recipe by Vikas Khanna


Chef Vikas Khanna, the pride of  great Indian cuisine 


Is this chef only known for his cooking, no it’s just not only about the cooking It’s also about his journey from Amritsar to new york, every step he took towards his success was the motivation with He Himself…

 The journey of his success was not that easy now as it seems to the whole world… but yes can say here that always the hard work will be rewarded with a crown of success … The cooking passion of small little Vikas Khanna had started since his childhood from his own house his supporting Pillars were his mother & grandmother we all know about this well-known personality his journey of success …

Now let us put some glance on His success story         


Honorable Chef Vikas Khanna was awarded a Michelin star for his restaurant Junoon for 2012, 2013, & 2014 and he was also featured on the cover photo of Men’s health Indian Magazine in the year 2012, at Mumbai & he was also awarded GQ India Man of the year 2012 by GQ Magazine of Mumbai.  In the year 2011, he was awarded as the “ RISING STAR CHEF AWARD “ by Star Chef for his role of shaping his future American Cuisine in the year 2011.



1-  The journey of MasterChef India:- The 2nd season of MasterChef India was started in the year 2011 on 22nd October  & the host judges were chef Vikas Khanna, chef Ajay Chopra & chef  Kunal Kapur. this is an Indian cooking game which is based on the original version of “British MasterChef”  


Holy Kitchen ( True Business):-  this is based on the Sikh community known as Langars, this is a film based on the traditions of food of spiritual traditions … this film was premiered at the Sikh International Film Festival in the year  October 2010.


Smile Foundation:- Vikas Khanna is the Ambassador for the smile foundation of malnutrition in India 7th sep 2012.

Doctorate:-The GD Goenka University honored him with a Doctor of Philosophy (Honoris Causa) Degree.


Some few Book’s of Chef Vikas Khanna

1-Indian Harvest: Classic and Contemporary Vegetarian Dishes Oct 13, 2015, by Vikas Khanna
2-Flavors First: An Indian Chef’s Culinary Journey Jul 16, 2011, by Vikas Khanna
3-Buried Seeds: A Chef’s Journey: The Story of Vikas Khanna Sep 1, 2018, by Karan Bellani
4-Mocktails, Punches, and Shrubs: Over 80 Nonalcoholic Drinks to Savor and Enjoy Apr 11, 2017, by Vikas Khanna
5-My First Kitchen May 7, 2017, by Vikas Khanna
6-My Great India Cookbook Aug 27, 2013,  International Edition-by Vikas Khanna
He was voted “New York’s Hottest Chef” in a poll conducted by the New York Eater Blog.
let us cook one of my favorite recipe of chief Vikas Khanna 
Before going towards the recipe lets put some light on the ” SHAHI-PANNER”  what is shahi? yes, Shahi means the richness-royal, the richness of the sabji, the richness of the ingredients, the richness taste & flavor it’s all about the royal food… let us now move on towards the recipe.

Here is the recipe & the ingredients:-

1- paneer ( low-fat) 

2- cream –  3 tsp

3- badam almond cream 3-4 tsp

4- crud (yogurt) – 3-4 tsp

5- tomato – chopped 2-3

6- onion – chopped  2

7- cashew – 8-9

8- red dry chilly – 7-8 (depends)

9- ginger-garlic paste – 1 each tbsp

10- cinnamon (dalchini) – one small stick

11-  Cloves – 3

12- Tej patta – 1

13- Fresh tomato puree- small cup half

14- Kasuri mrthi – crushed1 tbsp

15- Salt – to taste

16- honey – 1 tbsp

17- water- for cooking (depends)

18- oil- 2-3 tsp

19-  garam- masala – 3 pinch

20- chopped cashew – 3-4 for garnish


1- let’s prepare the sauce for the sabji:-


1- tomatoes chopped

2- onions chopped

3- cashew –  8-9

4- dry red chilly – 8

5- water – for cooking

6- curd

Now take a pan to add all the above ingredients but not curd and cook for 5-6 mnts & let it cool & blend it to smooth paste & take to a bowl and in the same blender add curd & just give it a blend & keep aside…

2- For tadka:-


1- oil- 3tbsp

2- ginger-garlic paste – 1tbsp each

3- tej patta – 1

4- dalchini – 1small stick

5- cloves – 3

6-  Fresh tomato puree- small cup half

7- Kasuri methi – 1tbsp

8- blended puree & curd

9- salt- to taste

10- honey

11- fresh cream – 3tbsp

12- cashew – for garnish

13- garam masala – for garnish

14- panner

15- badam cream – 3-4tbsp

16- honey – 1tbsp


Now take a pan to add oil,  ginger-garlic paste, dalchini,tejpata, cloves, tomato puree, water little and kasurimethi & let it cook for 3mnts.

Now add the blended  sauce & curd (yogurt) & mix well

Now add the badam cream & mix well & salt & honey

now add the panner

Garnish it with chopped cashew & garam masala ..

serve hot with rotis…

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