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  I will be showing 2types of Ghee recipe  

Ghee :- when Ghee comes to mind all are scared to eat just because of fear of getting fat.. Is that true ?? no , not at all 🙂 eating Ghee in the right way can actually help you..
We find in India its a basic ingredient used in every house.. Some serve it with food and some use it in cooking … must say Ghee is one of my favorite and my cooking and eating is incomplete without Ghee…Ghee is served with rotis, sweets, and some spicy stuff too .

Uses of Ghee :- Ghee is a class of clarified butter  that is originated from the Indian subcontinent  It is commonly used in south Asian  and Middle Eastern, and now we find it using it all over.

The Ghee is known as sacred to we Indians because as it is prepared from the cow milk… and it is holy for we Indians because  as in the most parts of  the India cow is worshipped as GOD (kamadhenu) a wish full-filling god.


We  Indians love eating ghee in everyday life… in earlier days we used to find the traditional method of preparing Ghees at every houses..  they used to first store the cream from milk and blend it with the wodden hand blender , once done remove the butter from it and melt the butter to prepare the ghee..

Now lets know the health benefits of Ghee :-  Ghee is one of the well known medicine.. Ghee contains Vitamin- A and vitamin – E and vitamin – D..  Omega-3s (monounsaturated fats) are healthy forms of fat that can be found in ghee..

Heart :- the rich variety of fats in Ghee can give a healthy boast to your heart.. The content of Omega-3s  fatty acid in it can decrease your levels of unhealthy cholesterol and provide an energetic balance to your fat intake.

Some health benefits –

  1. Strengthen the immune system
  2. Boosts energy level in body
  3. Helps to reduce inflammation in gastrointestinal

Do you women know that intake of Ghee can make your  bones get strong and after 30s which is really needed and also helps you to set free from heat body and keeps your body cool..

Some beauty tips :-

The face massage of Ghee can make your face soft and give a good glow 🙂 .. applying Ghee to your  hair can give ur hair a good shine and smooth hair and makes them strong…


Ingredients :-


2.Methe ( fenugreek seeds ) 2tbsp

3.Cardamom 2


Method :-


  1. Once we heat milk every day we can see the fresh cream coming on top of the milk, just remove the cream and preserve it in a bowl everyday, for a week in fridge,
  2.  The day your preparing the Ghee just keep the stored cream outside for 2 hours so that the chillness comes down,

3. I have used wooden hand blender as shown in image given below to make butter ( you can also prepare it with electric hand blender or you can grind in mixer ) optional u can choose any as per your need ,



4. Now remove all the butter from the butter-milk to a bowl,



5. Now add 2 cardamom open and add it, and fenugreek seeds in the prepared butter,



6. keep all three together for boiling,

7. cook well till you get a good aroma and till Ghee is prepared,

8. now with the help of a strainer , strain the Ghee in a steel air tight box,

9.  this  can be served with hot rice, idli , on topping of dosa’s ,  and it is used in cooking dishes too…

second recipe

  1. prepared butter
  2. Methe ( fenugreek seeds )
  3. Cardamom
  4. turmeric powder  half tbsp
  5. Method :- 1. add butter, cardamom , methe seeds, and turmeric powder all 4 together and keep for boiling ,same as given above recipe just change is adding turmeric ..
  6. most of them don’t like turmeric flavour so I  have showed 2 recipes.. its a optional..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           lets see how turmeric and fenugreek seeds will help you not to gain weight and other benefits  while using Ghee.

1.  Fenugreek are  rich source of steroidal that prevent the absorption of cholesterol and triglycerides. with the low density lipoprotein (LDL) , fenugreek helps to  reduce cholesterol level..

Diabetic must and should include the fenugreek in there diet list as it helps to control the blood sugar level..

early morning drinking soaked fenugreek seeds water on an empty stomach and even by chewing those seeds can help you to reduce your weight and sugar level to … a good to add in the weight loos chart.. and this even helps to work for a good digestion ..2. Turmeric is a well known medicine as we all know, and its just not used for cooking , but it is used in many ways apart  from cooking.. its one of the well-known herbs , which is a main ingredient  related to health…

It decreases the cancer risk  , burns the bad cholesterol and helps in maintain your diet and not let you go fat… applied on a cut wounds can heal quickly by applying turmeric on it…

Turmeric is good for skin which can make your skin fair and give a good glow… and even helps in protecting  your skin from any skin infections..

The intake of turmeric mixed with milk can prevent you from cold , cough and fever too … the best medicine for the kids…

                    Sometimes some simple things in our kitchen can do wonders for our daily life!!

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