lets prepare some different types of roti’s @my kitchen??


                            Give me Five! the challenge of  #Barathon 2018 

                             and my challenge is on exploring about cooking in my kitchen 

                            gharam-gharam roti


Roti or pulkas an Indian flatbread made with wheat flour… Used in India In daily to daily life some for breakfast, some for lunch & some for dinner… Simple but still healthy & tasty served with some diff dals & diff curries 😋

                                                                             Garlic roti ( phulka): –

Ing: –

Garlic – 2big full peeled chopped & crushed
Atta – ( wheat flour)
Zeera – crushed with garlic
Hing – 3pinch
Honey – 1tblsp
Salt – to taste
Oil – 2tblsp
Soda – 1pinch
Method: –
Take a bowl add atta, crushed garlic zeera, salt, soda, honey, oil ….mix well & add water to make it soft dough & apply oil & rest it for an hour.. Then make it small phulka size and heat a tava put the rolled roti on it & cook slightly both the side & use phulka maker or u can directly cook on gas ( optional) once well cooked apply ghee or butter & serve hot with ur curries 🍛


                                                                                 Lachha paratha: –


it’s a popular recipe from North India… Made with whole wheat flour or even maida occasionally…

                  ” Quick hand hint by adding honey while kneading ur dough makes your roti or paratha soft. “

Ing: –
Wheat flour – as per your need
Honey – 1tbsp
Salt – to taste
Water – to knead the dough
Oil, or ghee, or butter – to apply.
Method: –
Dough: – take a big bowl to add flour, 2tblsp oil, honey, salt mix well & keep adding water little, little to knead a soft dough. Rest ½hr.
Paratha: –
Take a small ball size dough
Roll it ur palm size
Now apply oil or butter
Dust some flour as shown in pic
Now fold as shown in pic
Make wheel
And roll to a paratha size
Cook both the side of paratha by applying ghee, oil, or butter on a hot tava.
Serve hot with sabZi 😊



                                                                         Palak-methe chapathi : –

Menthe sopu: – these fenugreek leaves are highly beneficial for treating liver function & gastric problem.
Diabetes: – the healing properties of methi are quite similar to cinnamon, it’s an anti-diabetes element.
Good for skin & hair to…
One pack for hair & skin to: – blend methi leaves & water & use it for both.

Palak ( spinach): –
It’s low in fat & even lower in cholesterol… It is high in niacin, & zinc, protein, fiber, vitamins A, C, E & K. And also have iron content to.

Recipe – palak-methi chapathi : –
ingredients: –
Palak- 1/2 bunch
Methi- 1/2 bunch
Ginger- 1/2 Tsp
Garlic- 1/2 Tsp
Jeera- 1tsp
Wheat flour – 2cups
Daniyapowder- 1/2 Tsp
Honey – 1tsp
Milk- 3/4th cup
Oil- 3tbsp
Green chilies- 5-6
Whitetil- 1/2 Tsp
haldi- 1/2 tblsp
Cinnamon powder – ½tbsp
Water – to make the dough
Salt- to taste…

1.wash palak and methi & chop them ( keep aside).
2.take a pan add 1tsp of oil, once the oil z heated add jeera, green chili, Ginger & garlic paste and stir once it z cool grind it. again take a pan to add 3tbsp of oil add jeera, white til, and add the paste stir for some time & add cinnamon powder… now add the chopped methi and palak and mix it properly and fry it for sometime altogether, once done off the gas and let it cool.
4.take a bowl add wheat flour,haldi,daniyapowder, salt, honey, milk, and the paste now make a smooth dough and rest it for 10mnts… make the chapathi and apply ghee to it…
6.serve hot with tomato or coconut chutney: )


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                                                                                 #Barathon 2018

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