Jashan-e-sai is a family which was started with the formation of a WhatsApp group on 25th August 2012.

Jashan-e-sai family tries to make best of the efforts to stay close to sai baba. With the blessings of sai baba’s the group which had only 20 members initially, has over 50,000 members now. These members are spread all around the globe. All the members are involved in the Ups and downs of the other members. The purpose of this group is not only to spread baba’s teachings all over but also to support each other in their bad times.

Every year Jashan -E-Sai comes with new and different ideas to give a social message to the people on its Charity events every year. The details are as follows:

🎭 The painting competition was held during Sai Sandhya 2013 for slum kids. Winners were awarded scholarships for their studies.

🎭Donation in a blind school in Puthkala and Bal Vohira orphanage on Sai’s Day.

🎭 Donated items like carpets, stationery, fans, etc to Love Care Foundation Diwali celebration with kids of Holy Child.

🎭 Picnic with kids of Love Care Foundation on 2nd Oct 2014. Kids played games and eatables were provided… There was immense happiness on their face.

🎭 Donated blankets and other items on 25th Dec to the needy people on the roadside when it was Severe Cold in Delhi.

🎭At last Sandhya which was held in Aug 2014.JES has sponsored Love Care Foundation with food, studies, etc. JES has provided one-year complete medication to HIV + KIDS. And Awareness was spread among the people abt AIDS through Nukad Natak.

🎭At an event, Dec 2015, the social message of FOUR RELIGIONS AT ONE PLACE was held which was a great success.

🎭Items like Games, food, plates, glasses, grocery to Holy Child on new year eve.

🎭on 23rd August 2015 ‘LAADLI’ event was held to spread the message to stop female foeticide, the dowry system and to make the people aware abt the importance of a girl child.

🎭 In August 2016 we organized Sai Kanha Palki & Rath Yatra in August 2016 then Sai Krishna Bhajan Sandhya.

🎭 Picnic with kids of Bal Vihar Orphanage on 2nd Oct 2016. Kids played games and eatables were provided… There was immense happiness on their face.

🎭 This Year 2017 we provided “Baby Kit” to the newborn baby in association with Mahavir International Hospital Faridabad.

🎭 Now we are providing medicines to a charitable clinic in Faridabad.

A little amount from each and every member can support us.
So, its a request to donate as much as possible for you.
Jashan E Sai is going to pay for the Treatment of 50 poor cancer patients who are unable to pay for their treatment.
It’s not necessary to pay a huge amount. U can donate with any amount which will help others.
Om Sai Ram to all

    A successful Event 

#Pink Hands
|Fight Against Cancer



   in Association
 Red Rocks Entertainment
& Red Rocks Gym & Spa





Free treatments for
50 Cancer Patients
with blessings of
Sai Baba

Spread the word..!!
“Let the
feel privileged”

come to join hands support the cause..!

6th Charity Event
Sai Bhajan Sandhya
4th August
at Sri Satya Sai Baba Auditorium, Lodhi Road, Delhi

An open invitation from Baba to all
Come and experience the Divinity

For updates:
+91 99902 85065 | +91 88026 57567 | +91 98115 92225 | +91 98999 55970


                                                                 Another event Meditation Camp:-


Jashan E Sai Organized Meditation Camp in association with Red Rocks Entertainment and Red Rocks Gym n Spa With Meditation Trainer Ms. Ayushi Arora


                                                                                                      BLOOD DONATION :-

                                                                     SAVE LIFE DONATE BLOOD

Jashan – e – sai, has no blood bank but can say not less than a blood bank … 24/7 ready to help the one who is in need of blood can contact this group read to help …  as this the worlds largest group involved all around the world…



               contact – 9899955970

Jashan E Sai Received Award and Recognition from #RotaryInternational for working on Welfare. Thanks to our beloved Shirdi Sai Baba for giving us strength and ability May SAI always bless our Team #JashanESai

       Jashan -E – Sai organize  Bhajans and Sai sandhya too, here it is do have a glance along with palke.












planning to keep Sai bhajans and Sai sandhaya at your house please do contact:– 9810787877 — 9899955970


Want to join FB Jashan -E- Sai group then click on the link below




                                 To join the WhatsApp group contact the number:- 9899955970






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