Women Centric

I am Human before you judge Me as a Woman

Me??? sometimes I think why should I run behind everyone and try making everyone happy???

in this race of life somewhere a little part of Me, is missing and unhappy… because I forget myself to make happy..

Me??? most of the time, I think why should I listen and be forced to do something, when I know that I am not willing to do so?? only because everyone wants me to do that.

Me??? Yes, it is Me!!! Myself πŸ™‚ I can carry a bit of risk in my pocket for my life… where I can do what I want to do, be a little bit part of Mee…

Me??? why should I think of people around Me, when they have a problem about what I do… But somewhere a bit part of Me is happy and satisfied that I did what I wanted… πŸ™‚

Me???Β  Yes, who is this Me???Β  Me is someone whom I wanted to be… For a moment let Me live for Myself, love a bit and care about Me, as this is also a part of my life to care about Me, and love myself, and be happy for being myself πŸ™‚

ME!!! Yes everyone should and must think about oneself… not always but sometimes where that listening of a little part of you, is happy about what you did was actually what you wanted to be.

Me is nothing but your inner voice.. a voice from your heart, a voice which you want to be, a voice which sets you free, a voice with freedom of thoughts, freedom of being yourself, freedom of ruling your own mind and life…

Me, being myself, a complete Me πŸ™‚ a complete women.. there is a no power like being my self…

Now I call this a complete being women… liberated minded women, if ME,Β  is happy then rest all can be happy.. the fragrance of being women should spread all around …


Β Β  ME!

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  1. Yes its about realizing and Becoming ‘ME’.

    1. yes maan tysm for reading πŸ™‚ and yes women should realize her self worth.

  2. Anish deshmukh says:

    Very well written

  3. Hey so well written, I loved d fact that u focused on being oneself focus on being me, yes the most important part of a women is to b oneself which she forgets in this life of demands n expectations, very well narrated #momsspeakup

    1. tysm jameela πŸ™‚

  4. Do read my post too on women’s Day

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