Figaro Olive oil Review


Figaro Olive oil

#Figaro celebrating the goodness of olive oil for nearly a century.
Figaro has come up with the pure form of olive oil, which is safe to use without any side effects. Be smart enough to pick the right one for you…


The benefits of olive oil


1.Good use for baby massage
2.Preventing diseases
3.Preventing strokes
4.Weight loss
5.Healthy skin and hair


1.Baby massage : –

the massage of Figaro olive oil for your baby is safe and helps to make your babies bones strong, and also moisture the skin and make it soft.

2.Prevents diseases: –

olive oil contains large amount of antioxidants and it’s nutritious which contains modest amount of vitamins E and K. The high content of antioxidants will help to prevent serious diseases.

3.Strokes : –

olive oil helps in preventing strokes, a large studies on this has subjected that it is only source of mono unsaturated fat associated with a reduced risk of stroke of heart disease.

4.weight loss: –

olive oil does not cause weight gain which will help in maintaining a healthy diet.. The using of olive oil in cooking helps in many ways to stay fit..

5.Good for skin and hair : –


the regular use of olive oil is so beneficial for your skin and hair… the vitamins content in olive oil gives the natural moisture for your skin & hair ..

beauty tip for skin :- wash face and apply olive oil for 20mnts and wash with mild face wash.. this helps to get good moisture and removes dark spots and gives a good and natural glow… massage gently on your face and neck.. this can be used for your hands and leg to, for soft skin..

healthy tip for hair :-  3tblsp of olive oil, 1tbsp of lemon mix both and apply on your scalp and hair cover it with a shower cap … leave it for an hour and wash with mild shampoo … this will help for good hair growth and makes them strong and also gives good shine…

Olive oil is rich in mono unsaturated oleic acid… this fatty acid is believed to have many beneficial effects… which is useful in many ways…


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