Early morning execrise is the best motivation


Good morning , the word its self is a motivation to start the day 🙂 and if you add some exercise’s is just like adding extra energy to your body..Early to bed , and waking up early is one of the best medicine  and  adding some workouts is just  icing on sugar….  one should make a good and healthy habit to wake up early and give some time for fitness .. no matter what age we are .. from young to old age we have different types of exercise’s, like yoga,  walking,  gym, aerobics, Zumba etc.

Early morning exercises are more beneficial than other part of your day… early morning our mind will be fresh after a good sleep of 8hours ” Make it a point one should give complete 8hours of sleep every night.” so one can get good boast to exercise and get more refreshed … some choose to walk, some choose aerobics , some Zumba, some jogging and some gym what ever , everyone have they own way to keep them self fit and fine …  its very important these days to keep a healthy lifestyle for one and all in what ever we do ,  or eat, drink or a  proper sleep .. everything counts in our daily to daily life..



  1. Food :-  most of  them these days have very less time to focus on the food we eat… we see people are more dependent on the food we get outside.. as we find both husband and wife working , in this speed of life people sometime forget to take out time and decide for a proper diet .. and get used to outside food which is not healthy and even cleaned or cooked properly … its one of the serious issue, so one with health conscious should make time to cook food for them self instead of depending on  outside food..


2. Sleep :-  one should take a proper nap of  8 hours every night which gives your brain good rest and  makes you feel better, taking a proper sleep at night can benefit for your heart and in balancing weight too… increase in a good blood circulation … a good sleep can also improves your memory , sometimes over sleeping or less sleeping is associated with short life span … A goodnight sleep can actually keep your health GooD 🙂



Exercise :-  an exercise can help a person to be fit and fine and  as we all know that most of them has made it they daily routine waking up on time and they daily exercise…

  1. 30 minutes of exercise daily can help you in many ways
  2. help’s to reduce you weight,
  3. lower your risk of heart related disease ,
  4.  improve your cholesterol,
  5. helps to lower your blood pressure and keep in control                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     1. 30 minutes of exercise can help in many ways keeps you going healthy all through your life, makes  your bones strong , makes you look young and a good glow on your face, you will have no joint pain ,back pain or anything related to your health.

2. Exercise helps to reduce your weight and burn your calories and keeps you fit and healthy … I guess the best way to lose weight is through workouts .. this is the best and safe way to balance your weight and don’t forget to follow a proper diet along with proper workouts.. with well trained.      


3. Lowers your risk of heart related disease :-  doctors always suggests for heart patients not to do heavy workouts… just 30minutes of exercises is more than enough.. one can choose walking early morning which is easy, safe and good too… some of the simple aerobic exercise can also help…


4. Improves yours cholesterol :- its very important to follow the correct exercises which will impact on your health in a proper way.. one should get well trained for the correct exercises  for what purpose your doing..  it is clinically proved that regularly exercise can help you to improve your cholesterol level.  


5. Helps to lower your blood pressure and keep in control :- in these days we all deal with stress and tension which can lead to hypertension … this can also be increased with the age and this causes blood pressure in can follow yoga ( Meditation) to keep your mind calm and stress free.. in this case walking early morning can also be blissful indeed ..


Early morning exercise is the best motivation :-  Early morning exercise can keep you going all through out the day , have you ever tried and noticed that  not yet? than please go ahead and  yes its true one feels more attentive , alert and confident and fresh.. early morning exercise’s have merits in it for your body and mind… now this can even motivate you more for a healthy lifestyle and to maintain a proper health and stay fit…   one should be self inspired and motivated to take a first step towards  “EXECRISES”  which can keep your mind calm and also you can add a  smile on your face and go on….  one of the best motivation is to start your day with your priceless SMILE 🙂  


                                                   ”  keep smiling and keep spreading your smiles ”




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