Deepawali festival of lights ( Sai Ki Leela) and with arti !!


Deepawali, the festival of happiness, lights, color, and unity… Do you know SAIBABA was found of Diya’s, not just on Deepawali day but SAI used light diyas every day in His old DWARKAMAI… SAIBABA used to visit every day to the grocery shop to collect oil in his tinpot…

Beautiful were the days when SAIBABA used light diyas everyday evening to light his dark DWARKAMAI. 


There came a day when all the grocers decided not give oil for SAI as they have been poisoned their ears from some people who were against SAIBABA… when SAI went to collect oil and the  grocers refused to give oil but SAIBABA was calm like deep ocean SAI didn’t even utter a single word and left the place…  when He returned to DWARKAMAI the children present there asked

” Saibaba how will we celebrate Deepawali without oil & how will we light our dark DWARKAMAI” 

Then the merciful SAIBABA Baba took some water in the tin pot that contained very little (a few drops) of oil, and filled all the lamps with it and lighted them. To the surprise and dismay of the watching local vendors, the lamps began to burn and kept burning deep into the midnight.


lo all the people and the grocers of SHIRDI were stunned to see this Leela of SAIBABA… SAIBABA is always kind to his Devotees … who remembers Him, who have faith in him, he is always on your doorstep to love you & protect you and guide you at times as SADGURU.

After seeing this wonderful Leela of BABA all the vendors were ashamed of there behavior and fell at BABA’S feet and asked SAIBABA to forgive they mistake… SAIBABA forgave them by telling never repeat this again such was the nature of SAI full of love and care … can say the true form of kindness towards humanity…

let us now show a little bit of love towards our SAIBABA, with a small Arti by lighting 9 Diya’s in a plate … before starting the arti let us pray to BABA forgive our sins, bless us always as our SADGURU and to love us and protects us from all evil… don’t forget to make a wish before starting the Arti.


Arti Saibaba
sukhyadatara Jeeva
Dhyaava Daasa Visava
Bhakta Visava
Aarti Saibaba

Jaaluniyan Ananga
Swaswaroopi Raahe Dang
Mumukshu Jana Davi
Nij Dola Shrirang
Aarti Saibaba

Jaya Mani Jaisa Bhaav
Taya taisa Anubhav
Daavisi Dayaghana
Aisi Tujhi Hi Maav
Aarti Saibaba

Tumche Naam Dhyat
Hare Sansrutivyatha
Agaadha Tav Karni
Maarg Daavisi Anatha
Aarti Saibaba

Kaliyugi Avataar
Sagunbrahma Saachaar
Avateerna Jhalaase
Swami Datta Digambar
Aarti Saibaba

Aatha Divsaa Guruvaari
Bhakt Kariti Vaari
Prabhu Pad Pahavaya
Bhavbhaya Nivari
Aarti Saibaba

Majha Nij Dravya Theva
Tav Charan Rajseva
Maagne Henchi Aata
Tumha Devadhideva
Aarti Saibaba

Ichhit Deen Chaatak
Nirmal Toya Nijsukh
Pajaven Maadhava Ya
Saambhaal Aapuli Bhaak
Aarti Saibaba

Arti Saibaba
sukhyadatara Jeeva
Dhyaava Daasa Visava
Bhakta Visava
Aarti Saibaba





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  1. Devotional write ups are exceptional always ❤ devotion with passion always wins heart. Good write up. Blessings

  2. Yeah have read this story and even seen in movie long back….. Cherished memories, right time to bring up the such kind of context,…. Thank u

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