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  chutney powders, such a helping hand at our kitchen once it is prepared and stored 

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        and my challenge is on exploring about cooking in my kitchen

Putani chutney powder ( Bengal gram ): –

This chutney powder is the same as peanut chutney powder… Which is basic & well known in North Karnataka…

Ing: –
1. Bengal gram ( 2cups)
2. Zeera 2tblsp
3. Dry coconut little 3 to 4 Tblsp
4. Curry leaves 10 – 15
5. Coriander little
6. Green chillis 9-10 ( can use chilli powder too optional)
7. Salt to taste
8. Sugar ( optional)
10. Garlic 1 big full

Method: –
1. In a pan dry roast the Bengal gram & remove it to a jar.
2. In the same pan dry roast garlic & green chillis till the chillis get dry roasted completely & remove it to a jar.
3. Now in the same pan add zeera, dry coconut, curry leaves, coriander & fry them for 3-4mnts & let it cool.
4.once cooled add this to the jar along with Bengal gram & add salt, hing, sugar ( optional) & who want to use chilli powder can add now & grind it to a fine powder as showed in the pic & let it cool & store it in an airtight box for room temperature.. Can be stored for 2-3 months
This can be served with chapathi, rice, idli, pohaa, upma, & with bread apply ghee or butter &chutney powder 


Peanut chutney pudi ( powder)

Ing: –

Red chili powder
Curry leaves
Dry coconut

Method: –

1. In a pan dry roast, the peanuts & remove it to a jar (3mnts) a same pan add zeera, dry coconut, curry leaves, garlic, coriander & fry them for (4mnts) remove it to the jar & let it cool add salt, sugar, hing, chili powder & 3tblsp oil & blend it to chutney consistency as shown in the picture remove it to a plate & let it cool & store it in an airtight box you can preserve it for months can serve it with rice, chapathi, poha, upma, idli, dosa as a side dish.. & also u can apply it on bread with ghee for yum taste 


Curry leaves chutney powder : –

Curry leaves are carbohydrates, brings energy, fiber, calcium, iron, copper & minerals…
Health benefits: – contains various antioxidants, properties & have the ability to control diarrhea, the gastrointestinal problem such as indigestion, peptic ulcers…
2. It’s a blessing for diabetes, & it helps to an unhealthy cholesterol balance…
3. It helps in cancer-fighting
4. It protects the liver
5. Good for hair growth
6. Losing weight
7. For digestion.
Ing: –
Curry leaves – as per ur need
Chillis- 5-6
Bengal gram – Half bowl
Zeera – 3tbsp
Sugar – ½tbsp
Methiseeds – 8seeds
Garlic – 1 full
Dry coconut grated – 4tbsp
Salt – to taste
Method: –
1.Wash & dry curry leaves
2.Now dry roast them completely keep them aside
3.Now in a pan dry roast chillies, zeera, garlic, methiseeds, dry coconut, Bengal gram… Let it cool
4.In a jar add curry leaves & other ingredients with salt & sugar
5.Grind it to powder around 80% not smooth powder..
6.Let it cool & store it in airtight jar for 1-2 months. .
7.Serve it with Chapathi, rice, idli, dosa…


Fenugreek powder


fenugreek – 1bowl

zeera – 1tbsp

cardamom – 2


  1. dry roast all above ingredients
  2. grind it to smooth powder
  3. let it cool
  4. and store it in an airtight box.
  5. you can use this for making daily roti ( add half tablespoon while making dough)
  6. you can even use this in dosa batter if you forgot to add fenugreek while soaking
  7. you can use this even for preparing dals, sambar, and sabjis.
  8. you can add this while preparing ghee too
  9. you can add this in warm water and drink on an empty stomach
  10. such a healthy millet is fenugreek, do store it in your kitchen for your daily cooking and say hello to a healthy lifestyle…   

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