Cinnamo Coffee

Ingredients: –

Milk – 1mug
coffee powder – as per ur choice
sugar – 1tbsp
cinnamon – 5 pinch

method: –

1- Take a mug of milk
2- Add sugar & coffee powder
3- Now beat for 2sec
4- Now add 3pinch of cinnamon & beat again for 2sec
5- Now serve with the topping of 2-3 pinch of cinnamon for rich taste…




  1. Rich in antioxidants
  2. Good for skin treats for acne
  3. Cures 2types of diabetes
  4. Mixed in honey & applied can actually heal wounds
  5. Treats in skin itching problems
  6. Plays a good role in losing weight
  7.   Helps to keep your heart healthy
  8. Helps in treating Diarrhea
  9. Helps in treating menstrual pains…

plz, do try out a new taste in your coffee !!!!



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