Women Centric

Being Real is Being-ME!!!

Being a woman is an art of being complete womanhood like different roles she plays… now come on not always the role of being a daughter, a sister or a mother.

Here I can say the role of being herself … A happy role, A sad role & fitting herself in all the roles she plays just for being herself…

Now I call this “ shades of a woman”  the different shades of a woman

Being -a woman is just not up towards her responsibility but in fact, being a woman is living her dreams.

Being herself is just being herself not just adjusting herself in someone else shoes for the sake of society & family.

Fighting for herself is placing her self where she is loved and respected for what she is for whom she is with her liberated thoughts…

Many say there is a Man in women, but they haven’t seen a man following wo-man.


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