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Adopt clay pot cooking & welcome a healthy lifestyle & find some recipes inside!!


In today’s world, we all are so much involved in our busy lives, and we have forgotten our traditional ways of cooking …. Yes, our traditional ways of cooking 🙂 if we put light on our history we can find that our ancestors used to cook a healthy way of cooking and they used to cook in clay pot and it is one of the best & healthy ways of cooking .

Before going towards the health benefits of clay pot cooking let us know how to use these clay pots before using them for cooking …

Clay pots are natural and made with clays, using them in our daily to daily life will really help us to lead a healthy lifestyle… if you use them in a proper way then you will not find any difficulty to adopt them in your daily life…

   Some handy tips on how to use them for cooking & how to store the drinking water in the clay pot.

When we get the new clay pots we find them muddy, some soil muddy smell coming from these clay utensils, nothing to worry I will guide you here how to use them…

Tips for using the new clay utensils:-

1st method:-

1-  wash the clay pots nicely with normal soap water as you use for other steel utensils

2-  wash nicely till all the soap foam is gone

3-  add the clay pot full of water and keep it on the flame to boil (in a low flame)

4-  let the water boil for 10 to 15 mins

5-  and now  off the fame and let the water remain in it for nearly 6-7 hours

6-  after that wash again the clay pot nicely and keep it for the sun for some time & it is ready to use.

2nd method:-

1-  whenever you wash rice just try saving the rice stock

2-  and soak the clay pots in the rice stock water for 3 days

3-  after that wash as normal with dishwasher and use it.

The scientific reason, rice stock will block micro holes in the clay pot and it will protect by water leakage through a pot.

How to clean after cooking:-

1-  just add water for 10 to 15 mins

2- and wash as normal utensils  

Some health benefits of drinking water in clay pot:-


As we all know that our ancestors used to use earthen pots for all the basic uses …along with time and generations people started inventing new things and started adopting the changes in the generations…

Drinking water in an earthen pot ( clay pot) is one of the healthy ways for us which we can adopt in our daily life for a healthy lifestyle … check out below for health tips for drinking water in the clay  pot

1- The natural way of cooling:- storing water in clay pot is the natural ways of keeping the water cold in summers which is really good for health which is free from calories… water stored in a pot is healthy because it is rich in various vitamins and minerals.   

2 – Clay pot water is Alkaline in nature:- do you know drinking water in the earthen pot can free us from acidity and gastronomic pains … yes alkaline by creating a PH proper balance which reacts with acidic water …   

3- Helps to treat the bad throat:- the water stored in the clay pot is friendly to our throat … water stored in the fridge can really affect us from cold. a cough & throat infection but water stored in clay pot is safe &  naturally chill & rich in earthy goodness.

4- drinking water in clay pot helps in digestion:- yes actually drinking water from the earthen pot can boost the metabolism .. the minerals in it can help in digestion.


quick tip- do keep washing the pot and changing the water every 4days …


One of the healthy lifestyles is cooking in clay pot & its health benefits:-

One of a good way of cooking is cooking in the clay pot it’s natural and safe …

As we go back to our history we can find that around 10k years back people used to cook in these clay pots … I guess they were aware of the good health benefits of cooking in the clay pot. 

1- The food cooked in clay pot stay for a long time, it doesn’t get spoiled easily.

2-  Earthen pots releases the natural benefits of minerals to your food.

3-  Cooking in clay pot raise the PH level of your food.

Here are 2 recipes I have prepared in my clay utensils & stored and used even for serving 

Coriander chilly jeera rice


here are the ingredients

rice – 1 bowl washed- soaked & cooked

jeera-  1tbsp

shahi jeera- 1tbsp

green chilly – 5

onion – 1big chopped

coriander – half bunch chopped

salt- to taste

ghee – 4tbsp

sugar- half tbsp



1- take a pan to add ghee once heated add jeera

2- once they are well fried in ghee add chopped green chilly and let them fry well

3- now add chopped onions, coriander and mix well & get well cooked in ghee

4- now add salt, sugar and mix well

5- add the cooked rice and mix everything well on a low flame & garnish with coriander

6- serve hot with dal tadka .


Instant pani puri

Here I will be showing you an instant pani puri recipe which I have prepared and stored in a clay pot


pudina (mint) – 1 bunch full

green chilly – 8-9

coriander – half bowl chopped

ginger – 1tbsp

black salt – 1tbsp

salt – to taste

black pepper – 1tbsp

jaggery – 1tbsp

tamarind pulp – 2tbsp

water – as per needed

lemon – half

chaat masala – half tbsp

hing – 3pinch



1- take a jar to add mint, coriander, chilly, ginger, jaggery, tamarind pulp and blend it into a fine paste

2- now take the paste and with the help of a strainer, strain the blended paste in a bowl

3- now add water as per your need

4- then add both the salts to taste & chat masala & hing

5- now add the pepper powder and mix well & add lemon

7- keep in the fridge if you need chilled

8-  add the pani to the puris with the stuffing you have prepared

9-stuffing:- I have used cooked mashed potatoes, chopped onion, moong mixed all together and added salt, lemon, and little chaat masala.

10- plz do try this for a new taste believe me you will love it…

so what’s on your mind,  don’t wait just plz do try the clay pot cooking for a healthy lifestyle not every day, but yes you can try this on your weekends 🙂

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  1. Wow great post, mixture of science, history, arts, somewhere maths in recipes……grate combination of knowledge, information and creativity well written, Congo, good going kudos

  2. Amrita says:

    This is so interesting .Claypots foes have several benefits.Enjoyed reading this.

    1. Thank you so much amrita & yes thy are really having good health benefits

  3. Bharati says:

    Awesome simi good all the best

  4. This is very interesting. I have often thought that cooking in clay pots would be a very daunting task but it seems all I need to do is plan in advance! I shall certainly be trying it out during the holidays! Thanks!

    1. Great yes plz do… & tysm

  5. Interesting. cooking in pots is a long gone habit and i rarely see this anywhere now. good to know about the benefit, we should try this out..

    1. yaa tysm 🙂

  6. Ever since steel took over I have not seen anyone using clay to cook but we still use it for storing water. Thanks a ton for sharing such valuable and humongous information on benefits of clay.

    1. tysm for ur comment, yes these days plp have forgotten abt our ancient way of cooking… its one of the good & healthy way..

  7. This is so interesting! I always believe in the traditional Indian cooking methods… they’re the best. Actually, based on science.

    1. tysm 🙂

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