A short journey to Hubblli’s Shri Siddharoodha math Swami’s life & Math dharshan!




A well-known saint from Hubli-Karnataka, A Sadguru also known in Maharashtra, and surrounding state’s … and later all over India Siddharoodh Swami Ji was born on the sacred occasion of Ram-Navami on March 26, 1836, and was named as siddharoodha in a Hindu family his parents were mother Devmallamma and father Gurushantappa… Small little Siddha started performing the miracle at the age of 6 (six) and explained the Maha Panchakshari mantra  ” OM NAMAHA SHIVAYA ”  and the meaning to his Guru.

A saint with simplicity, A saint with full dedication towards human welfare Ajja(grand pa) always treated everyone equal, serving people was serving to Lord Shiva so he did this till the end of His life. how can I describe the life of this Saint who’s Leela’s are endless and wonderful.  The journey of this swami was blissful for all the devotees who followed Him. They worshipped him as God on earth who had taken birth for the welfare of mankind.

(March 26, 1836 – August 21, 1929)

Bal Sidhha took his Sanyas at the age of 6 years and left his parents and his house in the search of his Sadguru.  finally, he found his Guru “Gajadand swami” ,who has given him the title as ” SRI SIDDHAROODHA BHARATI “

Siddhararoodha swami was the god for humans he never cared for casteism and always worked for mankind, He was full of mercy and calm like an ocean, words fail to describe the wonderful Leela of Ajja… the Guru of Guru’s the Sadguru, always blessed the people who went to him to take His blessings , He even had a Muslim devotee named as  Kabirdas. who always served Him with full devotion.  Siddharudha ajja considered all people as equal.


Siddharoodha Maharaj is an acknowledged Hindu master of the Advaita Vedanta stream of Vedic thought and has many followers throughout India, especially in the Karnataka and Maharashtra. During the time period of freedom fighters were fighting against British to set I Dia free,  many freedom fighters, poets,  artists use to visit, worship,  sand get shelter at ajja. The gratest freedom fighter and Shri Lokamanya Baal Gangadhar Tilak ji used to visit ajja and seeked his blessings.

Siddharoodha swami kept traveling through many places and finally from Kashmir to Kanyakumari for the awareness of spiritual welfare in people and finally he settled at  ” HUBBLI ” and devotees and followed built a Math and He had many followers who worshipped Him as a Guru and God… at the same time, He had few of them who were against His teachings and never liked Ajja treating the low caste people equal to high caste.  many a time they even tried killing Ajja but they kept failing to do so. before Ajja took Samadhi he gave the Math authority to Gurunathroodha.

And finally, Ajja took his Maha-Samadhi on August 21, 1929


Now let us take a ride to visit the Math on my Blog

1. Let us start with:-

Dwarbagilu (The entrance of the Siddharoodh Math)


2. Now comes the turn of kailashmantapa

Kailashmantapa was used for the Dharshan of Ajja and also for the Pravachan which Ajja used to give.


After the Dharshan of Kailashmantap let us move towards the darshan of Gurunathroodha ajja ‘s Samadhi Mandir


3. Towards the Dharshan of Samadhi Mandhir of Shri Pujya Siddharoodh Swami 


4. Way to Anupoorneshwari Prasad hall ( prasadhanilaya)

The entrance of Anupurneshwari hall


After the prasadnilaya let us move on to Sanskriti hall

Sanskrithi Mantapa was used for meetings, for Music classes, Teaching students, conferences, and as Weeding Hall 

Newly built accommodation complex for devotees.

Shri Siddharodh math lake 

Some of the belongings  and memories of Ajja.


                        The room where ajja used to sleep and do his daily karma’s.





Annapoorneshwari kitchen store room. Offerings and donations are accepted here and served back to the devotees and needy people….. Daily 1000 of people sit on same platforms without gender, caste, religion-based discriminations.
                                                                                             Peetha of Shri. Sadguru



                                           Ajja’s earthen plate and clay pot. He used to have his food by this plate and pot.

This is the seat of Ajja, where he used to bless his devotees in his living room…..

                                                                           The wooden karamandala of ajja..







It’s a short and quick view of the ” SHRI SIDDHAROODHA SWAMI MATH ” of Hubli.  It’s a tiny attempt to express our devotion towards ajja.  We are looking forward to bring up history,  culture, events and many more about math and sadguru. In my vision, it’s my attempt to worship the ideal of ajja.

                 All the devotees of Shri Swami please do share and support my blog. Share and express your devotion towards ajja.

















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