A healthy lifestyle with curry leaves chutney powder.



curry leaves are more used in south Indians, its one of the mandatory ingredient used for cooking in a different type of recipes…

curry leaves are used to make different types of medicines .. it has many health benefits in different ways… where nowadays people are using it with they own health benefits…


Curry leaves are carbohydrates, brings energy, fiber, calcium, iron, copper & minerals..
Health benefits: – contains various antioxidants, properties & have the ability to control diarrhea, the gastrointestinal problem such as indigestion, peptic ulcers…
2. It’s a blessing for diabetes, & it helps to an unhealthy cholesterol balance..
3. It helps in cancer-fighting
4. It protects the liver
5. Good for hair growth
6. Losing weight
7. For digestion.

curry leaves for diabetes:-

Curry leaves are known to control diabetes by regulating the breakdown of carbohydrates. By consuming curry leaves, the liver and kidney function normally, thereby also facilitating an appropriate level of breakdown of carbohydrates.

Early morning after brush  10 curry leaves mixed with zeera  (cumin seeds) half tablespoon, in taking of it on an empty stomach can ,

#control your sugar level, 

#improve your eye sight,

#make your bones strong,

#stops hair fall,

#it removes ur gastric problem and acidity problem,

#improves your digestion ,

#adds calcium to your body.


Ingredients: –
1.Curry leaves – as per ur need
2.Chillies- 5-6
3.Bengal gram – Half bowl
4.Zeera – 3tbsp
5.Sugar – ½tbsp
6.Methiseeds (fenugreeks seeds)  – 8seeds
7.Garlic – 1 full pealed
8.Dry coconut grated – 4tbsp
9.Salt – to taste

Method: –
1.Wash & dry curry leaves
2.Now dry roast them completely keep them aside
3.Now in a pan dry roast chillies, zeera, garlic, methiseeds, dry coconut, Bengal gram ( Let it cool)
4.In a jar add curry leaves & other ingredients with salt & sugar
5.Grind it to powder around 80% not smooth powder..
6.Let it cool & store it in air tight jar for 1-2 months..
7.Serve it with Chapathi, rice, idli, dosa..

                                                    lets adopt a healthy life style with curry leaves :-



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