2STATES-Karnataka special rice ball (buti) & Mumbai ka tava pulav :)


Here I come up with  2states recipes, haha not the Chetan Bhagat wala or Arjun Kapoor & Alia Bhatt movie… but my 2states recipe in simizkitchen (wings2cooking) is Karnataka recipe Buti (riceball) and Mumbai ka tava pulav…so let me start with Karnataka special buti

   Four Corners of the World the challenge of  #Barathon 2018 

and my challenge is on exploring about cooking in my kitchen 

Buti(rice balls)
A North Karnataka recipe which is known as ‘Buti’ I seriously don’t know what is it called in English… So named it as Riceballs.. this is a recipe where we north Karnataka people prepare this for lunch, or for traveling … must tell this is best for traveling and this is so simple to prepare all that you have to do is, check out below

Ing: –
1.Leftover Rice – mashed
2.Garlic – 1full crushed
3.Black pepper – 1tbsp crushed
4.Fresh cream – 5tbsp
5.Milk – ½bowl
6.Curd – ½cup
7.Cardamom+dry ginger powder – 1tbsp
8.Salt – to taste

Method: –
1. In a bowl add rice & smash it
2. Add salt, garlic, pepper powder, cream, cardamom & ginger powder, curd, milk & mix everything well. make small balls as shown in pic
4.serve with chutney powder.


Tava pulav
Mumbai is known for its glamour or dream city a place for talents & make you dreams come true
Here I picked a famous street food ” Mumbai ka tava pulav ” Here comes the time to chop some colorful veg’s, some butter, some salt+ pepper, some Masalas, sugar, & lemon… Can make your day special for your family & friends…


1. cooked rice, butter

2. vegetables
Peas, carrot, potato, beans, onion, tomato, garlic, ginger, capsicum, lemon, green chili, coriander.

3. spices
Red chili powder, turmeric, pav bhaji masala, salt to taste, pepper powder

4. some sugar

5. water


Method: –

1.chop ur vegetables & arrange ur other ingredients 😉
2. Take a tava or pan optional add butter (let it melt)
3.add zeera
4.Add garlic & green chili
5. Vegetable
7.Tomatozz ( cook them till soft)
8.Salt to taste
9. Spices
10.water ( helps to cook well 5tbsp)
11. Lemon + sugar
12. Add rice & coriander
13. Potato ( use cooked potatoes & smashed)
14. Serve hot 🍛🍛🍛


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